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Growing the Future—Nancy and Gerry’s Farm


tropical gardens yield an abundance of fruit

Growing the Future. Featured vignette from my new ebook Inspirational Gardeners Growing Food for the Soul: Stories from Hawaii.

Every plant has a reason for being on their farm; everything is on trial either for flavor, storage, vigor, or yields. For the past ten years, Nancy and Gerry have been testing seeds—what gardeners call “trialing.” They plant seeds in different seasons and in different locations on the farm to determine each plant’s ideal growing conditions.

Nancy and Gerry have created not only an abundant cornucopia of food for themselves, they are also building hope for the future.

“Up until about 1930 we were completely 100 % self sufficient in Hawaii. In fact, in the late 1800’s we were even growing our own wheat in Makawao. To think that in 70 years we have gone from being 100% self-sufficient to now there are statistics saying that 85 to 90 % of all food is brought in from the outside. Even in the farming areas of the Big Island 65% of vegetables and 65% of fruits are imported!”

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